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Discounted sale on women's leather slippers, size 9

Size 9 (Outlet)

$65.00 Regular price $148.00
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These slippers have imperfections, but are perfectly wearable.

  1. Squared toe shapes
  2. Very subtle nicks in gold leather
  3. Slightly squared toe shape, subtle nicks; slight scuff at toe
  4. Nicks in leather; slight scuff at toe
  5. A pull in the leather near the toe on the left slipper
  6. Different textures of leather between right and left
  7. Left slipper pulls to the left
  8. Left slipper pulls to the left
  9. Slight pucker on right slipper
  10. Left slipper pulls to the left
  11. Squared toe shapes; puckers near toe on right slipper



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Size 9 (Outlet)

$65.00 Regular price $148.00