You should love the slippers you wear at home as much as the shoes you wear out. You'll put these on for style, and keep them on for comfort.

They're the all-day, year-round slippers—to work at home or your studio in, cook in, entertain in, raise your kids in, to live in.

Since the start in 2017, they’ve been our customers’ favorite gift to give, again and again.



Jill BurrowsJill's idea for the slippers was sparked when she came across the traditional, Moroccan babouches in London—tucked away in baskets in corners of small shops and stalls. She thought they would make the perfect house shoe, unique from the pajama style slippers most worn back home in the U.S. She sketched a modern version in her design book that sat there for years, until a baby crawling on the floor, and working from home, pushed her to want them more than ever. She needed a slipper that would make her feel chic and put together, all day, throughout the year.

After identifying the perfect craftspeople and suppliers in her hometown of Los Angeles, and perfecting the pattern, she had the first samples in hand and debuted the collection to everyone she knew. They quickly became a staple in the homes of women in her neighborhood of Silver Lake, and they've been gaining "obsessed" fans ever since.

Read an interview with Jill here.


Handcrafted Slippers Made in Los AngelesHANDMADE IN LOS ANGELES

High quality leather hides are individually chosen for their color, texture and softness. Expert craftspeople then put great care into handcrafting each pair of slippers using the traditional stitch and turn method. The result is a special, high-quality leather slipper with the perfect fit that's meant to last.