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Brass charms to gift with keychains
Brass heart charm on blue leather keychain
Brass charms for keychains | hummingbird, snake, heart, wishbone

Keychain Charms

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Personalize your keychain with one of our new brass charms.

These are especially great when you need multiple like gifts—for hostesses, employees and BFFs. 

Here's help in choosing:

Snake: The symbol of healing, wisdom, and rejuvenation, or appeal to the darker side with its representation of evil and death.
Pineapple: For the discerning one who seeks luxury, the very best. Also, for the hostess, as in the south, it symbolizes a sign of welcome and hospitality. 

Hummingbird: Especially meaningful to someone who has recently lost a loved one. A visiting hummingbird is thought to represent the present spirit of a loved one who's passed.
Heart: Your love will be with them at all times, or, a reminder to show love to yourself. 
Wishbone: An unbroken wishbone is thought to bring luck, hope and a bright future. 
Love Postcard: Send your love to someone who lives far away in a postcard that will stay by their side daily. 


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Keychain Charms