Gift Certificate for Women's Indoor Leather Slippers

Gift Certificate for Women's Indoor Leather Slippers

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Leather slippers to wear all day, all year make the perfect gift for the holidays and special occasions for your best friend, sister, mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, new mom, client or colleague.

If you don't want to ask for her shoe size or can't decide on a color, a gift certificate is the way to go.

A gift certificate for a pair of slippers from the Solid Leather Collection.

Shipping included.

For CA residents: Note options for recipients within CA, which includes sales tax.

Rates are all estimated with the goal that your recipient not be required to personally pay for any shipping or taxes. 

Gift Certificates are sent to you, the purchaser, via email and you can then forward them to the recipient. Alternatively, once you receive it, you can click "view your gift card" and find an option to print it. To redeem the certificate, the code should be entered into the "Gift Card / Promo Code" field at checkout.