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The Best Nightgowns and Pajamas to Pair With Your Slippers

A few years ago, I got committed to sleeping in things that I actually loved and made me feel like the grown up that I am. No more random t-shirts, no more pajamas that I've had for 10+ years. And if I'm honest, I even slept in an oversized t-shirt that I got when I was pregnant—14 years ago!! And wow, once I upgraded, I felt like a million bucks at bedtime and upon leaving the bedroom in the morning. Even my husband and kids commented on my new, improved look. 

I'm very particular when it comes to my sleepwear. It has to be cotton. I'm a percale sheet devotee for its crisp and cool qualities. Similarly, I like my sleepwear to be crisp and cool, and therefore, crisp cotton. I don't want to get hot in other materials, and I can't stand it when clothes stretch out and get misshapen. I positively cannot sleep in long sleeves—they're also too hot. I also can't sleep in pants.

I so want to love a men's style pajama set because they dominate the sleepwear category. Alas, I don't. They just don't induce the elegant vibes I'm going for.

I do make exceptions to both of the statements above for silk - either in the form of a nightgown, or in a pajama set that I won’t actually sleep in, but might lounge in on weekend mornings.

There are two types of sleepwear that I favor—nightgowns and a tank style top with pants that I'll take off before bed and put back on in the morning. 

Luckily, with so many sleepwear brands out there, there are lots of great things that fall into these categories. I've rounded up my favorites and hope they help you sift through to find the best for you.

Pair one of these sleepwear ideas with a pair of slippers, and you're sure to exceed expectations on a gift!

Painelle Cotton Swiss Dot Nightgown
Papinelle Audrey Silk Slip Nightgown
Eberjey Inez Washable Silk Long PJ Set
Desmond & Dempsey The Jag Print Cream Nightgown
The White Company Silk Lace Detail Cami Pajama Set
Andine Vivi Provence Stripe tank and pants pajama set
Lake Pima Midi Ruffle Nightgown
Lake Pima Ruffle Midi Nightgown
While I don't love stretch sleepwear, I'm making an exception for this one because it's so lovely!)