Some people on your list already have the slippers and every "thing" imaginable. What to give them? Here are some ideas that I think are just right for the winter of 2020.

Helen's Wine Gift Subscription
Masterclass Gift Subscription

Some of my favorite gifts to give and receive are wine and food.

HELEN'S is a wine shop that's part of the infamous Jon & Vinny's restaurant group in LA and has good options for a one-time gift or a monthly subscription.

Maybe your loved one is going to miss out on their annual trip "home" and so also their annual opportunity to get proper BBQ, bagels and black and white cookies or lobster rolls. GOLDBELLY to the rescue.

Learning as entertainment allows us to feel less guilty about all that time spent on the iPad.

Cooking √, songwriting √, creative writing √, interior design √, campaign strategy √, ukulele √, magic √. MASTERCLASS has the best of the best teaching all the things you've ever dreamed of being better at. Watch at your own pace.

Has COVID cramped someone's retirement travel style? CONTEXT CONVERSATIONS has live zooms with guides—mostly based in Europe—who teach about sites, history and art.

Urban Stems Flowers for Gift Guide
Things To Do Book for Kids Gift Guide

While most national flower delivery services leave something to be desired, URBAN STEMS has tasteful bouquets and a good monthly subscription option. And you don't have to send yet another vase.

As THE SILL says, "Plants make people happy," and they sell them in well designed planters. If you need more options, check out ROLLING GREENS, one of my favorite shops in LA.

The quest for enough things to do seems as if it will never end. So, send gifts that have multiple activities to offer.

While I find their magazines a bit too busy, Highlights has come out with a great book of, "THINGS TO DO." This is the silent response to, "I'mmmmm borrrrrred."

My kids never tire of the KIWICO. subscriptions and they now have them for every age.