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Best Gifts I Got and Gave (With a Few That Are Perfect for Valentine's Day)


Best Gifts I Got and Gave (With a Few That Are Perfect for Valentine's Day)


With the 2022 holidays behind us, I’m looking back at the best gifts I gave and received. And with Valentine’s Day 2023 on the horizon, I'd denoting the gifts that would be perfect for Valentine's Day with a ❤️! 


Mah Ze Dahr Cookie of the Month Subscription


Mah Ze Dahr Cookies ❤️

For the holidays, Mah Ze Dahr teamed up with Resy and notable chefs across the country to offer a tin filled with each chef’s unique cookie. I sent this delectable gift to a restaurant-obsessed friend. While it’s no longer available, Ma Ze Dahr offers a cookie of the month subscription that would make a sweet gift anytime. I would be thrilled to receive a treat in the mail each month that someone else ordered for me!



Petite Plume Nightgown

Petite Plume Nightgown ❤️

I'm into proper sleepwear. I’ve weeded out every t-shirt that has ever been a sleeping shirt. Like the slippers, a good nightgown turns the most informal act into something more luxe. I received this navy nightgown and it’s just right—made of a gauze cotton that keeps its shape while being worn, yet it's less structured than poplin. I do find the top seam to be a bit snug on my usual size, so check their size chart.




Cuyana Cometic Travel Bag


Coyana Toiletry Bag ❤️

I had been using the same toiletry travel bag since college 😱. I completely overlooked that it had degraded and that I desperately needed an upgrade. This Coyana bag was on my wishlist and I received. It’s simple and elegant and may be monogrammed. It’s a little less roomy than my old one, so I do also use the small one that came with it. And I’m now committed to getting travel sized containers for everything, which is a wise move anyway.




Tini Luxe titanium stud earrings

Tini Luxe Mini Isla Stud Earrings ❤️

I’ve worn these almost every day since I received them. They work perfectly as a mainstay. I hadn’t worn earrings in about 15 years because of an allergy, but there’s now much more information on jewelry allergies and more allergy-free offerings (primarily nickel-free). These have titanium posts, which is allowing for infinite wear without irritation. 




Maison Louis Marie No.9 Candle

Maison Louis Marie Candle ❤️

It’s hard to judge candles online and hard to know which scents someone else will like, but I’m confident in recommending Maison Louis Marie candles. I received No.09 Vellee de Farley as a gift, described as “the top note is a citrus accord of grapefruit, orange and black pepper enhanced by Cedarwood and Patchouli.” Had I seen the word “patchouli,” I might have run, but it’s turned into heaven in this candle. I also have No.04 Bois de Balincourt—this “romantic scent is a Sandalwood fragrance with a dominant Cedarwood and Sandalwood accord that's supplemented by a spicy Cinnamon Nutmeg complex with an earthy Vetiver note.” Either of these would make an especially lovely Valentine’s Day gift.



Dear Holmes Mystery Subscription

Dear Holmes Mystery Subscription 

I gave this mystery subscription to my husband. Not only did I think he’d get into the fun of it, I thought our kids might like to join in to create a new family activity. He’s happily reading the letters aloud in his best British Accent.






Swiss Army Knife Kids

Swiss Army Knife

Actually, my husband gave this Swiss Army Knife to our 9 year old. She’s used it more than the Nintendo Switch that we gave to her and her sister. He’s always joking the kids about being prepared for anything. Now she is—ready to cut packages open with the knife, whittle pencils to a sharp point and to file a nail. Big hit.




Women's Silver Leather Keychain

The Silver Keychain ❤️

I gave the Silver & Camel keychain to one of my best friends. Her feedback a month into using it was, “I’m loving my new JB keychain! It’s so luxe!”




Ladies White leather slippers for Valentine's Day gift

Women's Bright White & Camel Leather Slippers ❤️

The Bright White & Camel leather slippers are always a hit. I love when I have someone that I haven't already given them to!