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We have particular customers who send the slippers as gifts all throughout the year. You could call these “business” gifts, as they’re being sent as acknowledgements and thank-you’s to people in their work lives. But the slippers allow these customers to go beyond the idea of a business gift. 


“They’re choosing gifts that show their penchant for finding and sharing special items, making even their ‘business’ gifting personal.”


I’m seeing gift notes that tell me that these women often create more than a passing business interaction. The notes tell me that they're signing up to support each other in their professional endeavors ongoing, to strengthen their camaraderie. Sentiments such as “Thank you for inviting me to speak on this year’s panel. Hope you love these for all your upcoming travels!” “Thank you for allowing me to use your office while I was in town. Be back soon!” “So fun to spend time with you at the off-site. Happy birthday.” “Thank you for hosting me this week. Your graciousness and advice are always appreciated.” In that spirit, they’re choosing gifts that feel personal and carefully selected, just as they would for close friends and relatives. They’re choosing gifts that show their penchant for finding and sharing special items, making even their “business” gifts personal. This personal gift creates a bond that goes beyond a business sentiment—the recipient feels appreciated enough to have been given a special gift, and it creates a shared experience between two people who now both love that special find. This goes deeper than a box of perishable goods or a candle that’s scent can be hit or miss for the recipient.  

Business gifts blue slippers

These customers have found a go-to gift in the slippers—one that the recipient is likely not to have and that will be universally beloved. The slippers are well suited for the world traveler or the homebody, the one who works from home (WFH) or the one who needs to slip into comfort after a long day at the office, the consummate host, and the one that has everything. 

Our collection offers multiple colorways to suit each of your recipients’ styles. And if you’d like to give them the freedom to choose, this gift certificate will never feel like a cop out. 

For holiday gifting when you need many gifts at a time, discounts are available:

4—10 items: 15% discount
For 11 or more, contact us