These Slippers Work

I've worked at home for years. I have to get fully dressed in the morning to feel productive for the day. I don't wear shoes in the house, and I spent years trying to find "house shoes" that made me feel put together, but weren't shoes I'd be venturing out in and I couldn’t find any I liked. This was one of the many reasons I knew I had to bring my line of babouches to life. They're perfect for wearing to work—when work is in the comfort of my own home. 

A friend recently told me that she keeps her slippers under her office desk. When she's worn heels to meetings all day, she's happy to swap them for the slippers, and because they're so chic, no one thinks anything of the fact that she's wearing slippers at the office.

So, wherever your work is, the slippers will be your new go-to.