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Gift Guide(ance) for Giving the Same Two Chic Gifts to Most of Your List

Gift Guide(ance) for Giving the Same Two Chic Gifts to Most of Your List


I always swear I’m going to start my holiday shopping early (I should start in September!, I say), and I always think my list isn’t that long. But, every year, Black Friday emails start coming and, not having actually started the shopping, I get overwhelmed. Telling myself not to get wrapped up in that frenzy of buying, I spend Black Friday stocking up on my kids’ winter clothes, a few for myself and maybe a gift if something strikes me as just right. And then, every year, up until around December 21st, I’m still sorting out the last few gifts, exhausted by the whole thing. Anyone else?

As a business owner, I think about what I can offer that will make your gift buying easier. I’ve been thrilled that so many of you gift the slippers again and again. It’s my favorite part of my business. Now, with the addition of the new leather keychains, I hope to round things out for you. I love that both the keychains and the slippers fit many categories of recipients, especially the categories that demand the same gifts for multiple people. Business gifting for clients and colleagues? Slippers. Employees on on your team? Keychains. Hostess gifts for all those holiday gatherings? Keychains. Gathering with extended family for Christmas morning? Slippers for the sisters and mothers (and teen daughters! Mine’s been waiting to fit in them forever). Having a party with your BFFs? Keychains, because you’ve already given them the slippers. 😊

To make it easier to shop a bunch of gifts at once, we’ve created a way for you to shop in bundles, and at 15% off, you’ll get that Black Friday benefit without the stress. Go to our Gifting section of the navigation and find the category that fits. Let us know if you think of one that we’ve missed!


Chic Slippers and keychain gifts for employees, colleagues, clients, hostess gifts, BFFs, mom, sister