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Having my dream leather keychain has made me re-assess what's in my bag.

Having my dream leather keychain has made me re-assess what's in my bag.

I’ve designed my dream leather keychain. Have you seen it?!

Best Women's Leather Keychains


With this, I’ve been inspired to declutter my purse. What goes? What stays?

The vintage car bingo game from our Thanksgiving road-trip can obviously go, now that it’s December. 

The most valuable thing I have in my purse is a zipper pouch that declares me a very prepared mom. I feel like a hero every time a child in my life takes a fall or breaks out in a rash, and I happen to have a remedy! Its contents are:

  • Tons of band-aids, including those really big square ones
  • Chewable Benadryl
  • Neosporin
  • Migraine medicine for myself
  • Lip balm (I am dedicated to Aquaphor because it just makes everything right)
  • Lipstick, although I need to renew my dedication to this with less mask wearing these days.

A good option for a leather zipper pouch to hold all of these things is this by Comme des Garcons. 

Comme des Garçons leather zipper pouch


Hand cream is a must. I recently discovered Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty. It does the work on my dry hands. I also use Jao Toe Oil, which is magical for all of your skin. A little goes a long way.

Oh, there are my earbuds! Been looking everywhere for those. 

Nuts are pretty much my snack savior. I always have a bag of Whole Foods roasted/unsalted cashews, or the delicious candied pecans from Trader Joe’s that aren’t actually very high in sugar.

As I looked at the pens in my purse, I decided to upgrade to something more intentional. I’ve just picked out the green Kaweco Classic Sport Rollerball from The Social Type, which is right by my house.

kaweco green rollerball pen


Sanitizer’s in there, of course. I either have Emu’s watermelon spray that’s a kid pleaser or good old fashioned Purell.

These old masks can go.

When I want to be sure I don’t get stuck somewhere without water, but I don’t want to carry a big, heavy bottle, I throw in my Bkr teeny 8 oz bottle

As for the purse itself, I find one I like, wear it for the whole season (I mix them up at night, however) and then switch for the next season. Right now, I’m carrying a Tod’s bag that I bought from The Real Real. In the summers, I carry my favorite MZ Wallace bag which was their best special-edition print ever in my opinion, with lots of bright color. 

With the new keychain, I'm inspired to up my game and keep this thing cleaned out and worthy of the keychain's presence!