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Women's Shearling Slippers

My first ever winter-specific slippers are coming! I have to admit, I've resisted this for almost two years. My need has always been for the year-round slipper because I couldn't find any other "house shoes" that I liked. But after doing two years worth of in-person sales around the holidays and listening to people tell me that they do like a warm slipper in winter, I started to get the appeal. I realized that living in Los Angeles, I'm probably not as cold as people in climates with proper seasons. And when I travel in winter, I'm in disbelief of how ill-prepared my wardrobe is. I'm a romantic about cozying up to a fire with a glass of wine, listening to jazz and hoping for snow, so I planted this picture in my mind and got on board.

I searched around for some great shearling colors because I wanted the slippers to still speak fashion when I wear them with my clothes and didn't want them to look like they should be relegated to a cabin. That was the fun part—there's a lot out there. I'm already plotting for next year, too. I landed on one peach and one black. This was the perfect opportunity to do a black slipper and I paired the black shearling with black suede, and then the peach with a creamy winter white leather. 

Jill Burrows Winter Shearling Leather Slippers Jill Burrows Winter Shearling Leather Slippers


Next, I thought about function. Something I've never liked about winter slippers is that they feel great when you first put them on your cold feet, but your feet can get too hot, too quickly. I also find that when shearling or another fuzzy material lines the insole underfoot, it can get matted and dirty. So, I decided to keep the insole lined in the buttery soft Italian leather that we all love in the original slippers. With that, I realized that my slippers were still going to be the chicest ones around even when I winterized them. I was sold.


Jill Burrows Winter Shearling Slipper Black Interior Jill Burrows Winter Shearling Slipper Cream Interior


I've been wearing the sample of Peaches & Cream on the cold L.A. mornings for a few weeks now and I'm hooked. Let me know what you think!


November 3rd)




 Winter Slippers with Shearling