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Slippers Are a Hospital Necessity

Slippers Are A Hospital Necessity

Slippers in the hospital
Every business owner has to find sales advice that feels right to them. The advice that has resonated with me most is that you should love what you’re selling so much that you feel you’re doing people a disservice not to let them know about it. I’ve always felt that way about the slippers and how they’re an absolute necessity for home and travel, but over the past week, I’ve added hospital to the list. 

I’ve been in the hospital with my daughter for a week (not for COVID19, fyi). I didn’t know how long we’d be here, but had the foresight to bring my Gold & Forest Green leather slippers. Like my home, especially in this time of coronavirus, I don’t want to wear my outdoor shoes in our room. I’m so glad I have my slippers to slip into. They’re not quite regular shoes, but they make me feel a little pulled together day-to-day instead of feeling like I’m in pajamas like I might with other slippers. I’d feel the same if I was the one in the hospital gown. I can slide them on and off with no effort for walks across the room to my daughter. And they make me feel like myself in a foreign place that I’m not thrilled to be. 

The other things I’m finding to be absolute necessities are my own pillow and my eye mask (it’s satin and black, blocking out all light). I NEED my sleep and the hospital pillows and curtains aren’t going to cut it.
I have sent the gift of slippers to a few friends that I knew would be spending time in the hospital and I can now say for certain that it was a really good call, and hopefully a spirit lifter.