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A 20% Discount on Slippers For the Days at Home Ahead

Wearing my slippers (house shoes) at home during the quarantine isolation


Hi, friends. I'm on Day 4 on my family island in L.A. My husband is working at home. My children have completed Day 1 of their school closure. I'm not an obsessive planner, but when posed with endless days with kids, I stepped into high gear and created a schedule to run a tight ship. So I thought. But alas, my plan fell too short on Day 1, there were meltdowns and there was rain. I lost my patience. BUT, there's loads of time to course-correct and improve! I have high hopes that we'll get through this with lots of tales to tell.

I've been thinking about the concept of "put on your own oxygen mask before helping others." If I'm going to pull this off, I've got to make sure that I've pulled myself together before things start pulling at me, that my own nerves are calm, that I've carved out the time I need for my own work and for connecting with people on the old-fashioned phone. Whether it's children that will be demanding a new level of our attention, the news, work or the desire to help people who are suffering, I think we should first figure out how we'll operate as our best selves during this time at home and arm ourselves with the small things and acts that make us happy (my friend, Liz, will still put on lipstick everyday). We should put on our own oxygen masks first, and then we'll be ready to help the people around us in good spirits.  

Because I truly believe that what you wear contributes to how you feel and in hopes that my slippers can bring a small bit of joy to your day-to-day, I'm discounting the entire line by 20%. It’s the most immediate way I can think of that I can send you joy while also contributing to the effort to keep business going between myself, my manufacturer and my suppliers.

No code needed. Discount taken at checkout.



Wearing my slippers (house shoes) at home during the quarantine isolation