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The Cookbook in the Photoshoot


Cookbook: International Breakfast Recipes


Photo: Staci Morango

Occasionally, (thanks to my husband taking on the kids) Sunday mornings start off by lounging in bed, flipping through pages of beautiful cookbooks, coming up with endless ideas of what to cook for breakfast with the promise of delicious rewards, and then suddenly, things take a turn. . .I realize that I've spent so much time looking at the cookbooks that I've become starving and can't bear to go to the store to get the necessary ingredients and it's too late into the morning to take time to cook said breakfast and I end up eating a bowl of microwaved oatmeal.

For both those kind of days, and the ones when you actually do the cooking, I recommend this beautiful cookbook that I used in my recent photoshoot, Breakfast: The Cookbook by Emily Elyse Miller. It’s full of recipes from around the world— making it a cultural study and a recipe source. Some of you will recognize the title from the recipe for Moroccan Pancakes that I included in the Mother’s Day brunch download bonus. I found the book when I was looking for recipes online on the very topic of international breakfasts to include in that bonus. We’re pretty spoiled with our breakfasts in America, and I think we’d all be hard-pressed to give up scrambled eggs for fish noodle soup in the morning. So while you probably won’t cook this cover to cover (although maybe some for dinner?), you’ll enjoy the read and pick up a few new recipes to put in your normal rotation.